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Free Puzzles for Publications

Our printable puzzles can be freely used in your print product, as long as you print a link back to "" alongside the puzzle.

Magazines and Newspapers

Do you want to run a regular puzzle in your newspaper, student magazine or any other periodical? We can provide you with free puzzles, as long as you put a link back to our site alongside the puzzle. As a reader you are very welcome to point this opportunity out to your favorite print magazines.

Schools and Teachers

Sudoku is recommended by many teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning. We offer free puzzles to teachers who want to use Sudoku as a part of their classroom experience. Of course, any student is very welcome to point this opportunity out to his teacher.

Terms and Conditions

  • use the PDF export function on the puzzle pages to download puzzles and solutions
  • let us know in which publication you will print the puzzles
  • be sure to clearly mention this website as the source of the puzzles by printing a link back to "" alongside every puzzle
  • we would be glad to receive a copy of your publication or a magazine subscription
  • if you run a website, put a link from your site to
  • tell all your friends about ;)
  • publications with large circulation may use our contact form to discuss further possibilities

Please note that no warranty of any sort applies to the puzzles.